Financial technology, Software as a Service & software development with pure focus on savings & investment solutions


100% owned by the founders which enables fast decisions and an organic growth without any dependency on external capital


More than 60 people across 2 countries in total and a track record of more than 15 application references in the last 2 years


We strive to co-create and connect Asset Management in a data-driven, digital world. Therefore we provide all parts of the value chain of digital asset management by holistic wealth aggregation, financial analytics, quantitative research and automated digital advice. By becoming the trusted partner for financial service providers, Fincite will establish as the #1 Digital Asset Management Technology Provider by 2020.


Customer Focus

We put our customer’s in the focus of all our activities and try to serve them at our best. We see ourselves as a software provider with strong and close customer-relationship while acting in the background.


We think that quality is the key to success – therefore we strive to deliver products and services at the highest level.


Appreciation of our employees and their work is essential for us as an employer of choice. Our employees are our most valuable resource – so it’s one of our main values to give recognition to every single person who works in our team.

Support Individuality

We believe in bringing together people of different backgrounds and with various perspectives. We see individuality of team players as a prerequisite for true innovation. That’s why we support people who strive to lead the way instead of following the beaten track.




Ralf is responsible for Business
Development and Ventures



Friedhelm is responsible for
Operations, Partners and
Product Development



Stefan is responsible for Technology,
Product Architecture and Quality

Aleksander Groshev

Senior Manager Solutions

Aleksander is responsible for developing
Solutions together with clients
based on Fincite Core

Oriol Querol Mas

Product Manager

Oriol is responsible for
our Software Implementations
and Venture Projects

Laura Emmel

Manager Human Resources & Marketing

Laura is responsible for Human
Resources and Marketing in Germany

Bruno A. Macedo

Senior Product Manager

Bruno is responsible for
our Product Fincite Core
and related Products

Andreas Nitzsche

Product Manager

Andreas is responsible for
our Software Implementations
and Venture Projects

Chris Drodge

Product Manager

Chris is responsible for
our Software Implementations
and Venture Projects

Jose Peñarrieta

Managing Director

Jose is Head of Operations &
Technology Management of our
Development Team in Peru

César López

Managing Director

César is Head of Human Resources,
Design & Testing of our
Development Team in Peru



24. Oktober 2016 |

ebase und Fincite kooperieren – und bieten Robo-Advice-Lösungen für die Versicherungsbranche

Digitalisierung erreicht Versicherungsbranche – ebase und Fincite entwickeln innovative Asset-Management-Lösungen – neue Produktmöglichkeiten für die Altersvorsorge im Niedrigzinsumfeld (…)

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20. April 2016 | IT Finanzmagazin

Digitalfabrik: Deutsche Bank kooperiert mit figo, fincite, Deposit Solutions, webID, DSwiss – 750 Mio. Euro Invest

Galt die Deutsche Bank bisher schon als die Bank mit dem höchsten digitalen Reifegrad, so setzt sie jetzt noch einen oben drauf. Gestern verkündete die Bank ein 750 Mio. Euro Investment in neue Technologien, FinTechs und (…)

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16. März | Capital

Fintechs verbrennen Millionen

Bei einer Capital-Umfrage unter 24 der größten und bekanntesten deutschen Finanz-Start-ups berichtete nur ein einziges von einem Jahresüberschuss – nämlich die Mülheimer Firma Fincite.(…)

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13. August 2015 | Cloud Services Made in Germany

figo und Fincite: FinTech-Experten liefern neuartigen Dienst im Bereich Sparen und Geldanlage

Die FinTech-Unternehmen figo und Fincite haben bewiesen: Sie verändern die Finanzwelt und sie wissen um die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten, die der digitale Wandel einer traditionell konservativen Branche mit sich bringt (…)

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31. März 2015 | IT Finanzmagazin

Zwischen Big Data und Regulierung: Fincite – eine FinTech-Schmiede in Deutschland und Peru

Fincite sieht sich als Schmiede für FinTech-Startups, wobei das Spektrum von der Auftrags-Entwicklung (als Dienstleistungsangebot) bis hin zu eigenen Diensten und Startups reichen soll (…)

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Laura Emmel
Fincite GmbH
Senckenberganlage 24
Frankfurt am Main



figo has become Europe’s first banking service provider. In this context, with the intrinsic motivation of users and external factors such as the new EU Directive Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), figo’s ‘Banking as a Service’ platform is an efficient and effective solution provider.

With its business model, the Hamburg-based B2B company has opened the doors to the banks and is a company unlikely most any other in this new open banking world. Data from 3,200 financial sources such as bank accounts, credit cards, deposits, PayPal and FinTech companies can be reached via figo, with more to come.

Factset (formerly Interactive Data) is a leading provider of financial information, analysis and related services.

The European Bank for Financial Services GmbH (ebase®) offers not only comprehensive services in the custody business, but also financial portfolio management and deposit business. Ebase is a full-service partner for financial intermediaries, insurance companies, banks, asset managers, capital management companies and FinTechs.

Bitkom is Germany’s digital association. Founded in 1999 as a merger of individual industry associations in Berlin, we represent more than 2,400 companies in the digital economy, among them 1,000 SMEs, 300 start-ups and almost all global players.