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Digital Reporting Platform
for one of the biggest broker pools in Germany

In this case study, our client BCA shares its experiences about our collaboration and using our software CIOS. Analyze.

About BCA

BCA is one of the largest and best-known broker pool companies in Germany. Having committed more than 30 years in the finance and insurance business, BCA provides its partners (freelance brokers) with relevant information (such as legal or after banking advice) on financial products and offers transparent technology that improves their business processes. With our Software Fincite.CIOS, BCA empowers its agents to enthuse their clients by providing them a holistic view of their financials/wealth.

BCA Digital Reporting Platform

Our Application with BCA

Our partnership with BCA covers the reporting process of its wealth management (Bank für Vermögen) as well as its financial advisory business (freelance brokers).

With our easy-to-use frontend and modular information selection (e.g. asset categories or performance), our partner can offer various solutions that support freelance brokers and financial advisors in their daily business. Furthermore, our software provides an overview of financials for freelance brokers and financial advisors’ customers.

Composable Reporting Platform:


Powered by CIOS.Analyze and CIOS.Connect, BCA’s new Reporting Platform offers holistic financial analysis for freelance brokers and its own wealth management department of Bank für Vermögen. The software is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly tool that helps and improves the client relationship. Moreover, the platform enables new analysis for investments, both for the financial advisor and their customers, including transparent and flexible overview of:

  • Investment performance via state-of-the-art charts in an intuitive design
  • Investment holdings in instrument tables
  • Profit and loss statement of the customer’s transactions over time
  • Customer’s investment composition based on currencies, industries, asset types and regions
  • Payment and saving plans

New reporting tool generating a multitude of reports:

  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Serial reports
  • Regulatory compliant quarterly and yearly reports covering MiFID II cost and transaction transparency
  • Regulatory compliant and still easy to use relevant loss reporting functionality for customers
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