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Get rid of your manual workload and excite your clients with a Digital Portfolio Reporting

Get rid of your manual workload and excite your clients with a Digital Portfolio Reporting


Time-eater reporting   

Searching for a summer vacation on the web, taking part in a video conference and paying for the groceries conveniently by cell phone. The everyday digital life has already convinced the general public, both privately and professionally. But when it comes to personal finances, for many German investors the opening of an account is often the only digital touchpoint. Those who ask their investment advisor(s) for a detailed analysis of risk, performance or asset classes often wait in vain for a simple report with easy-to-understand charts.   

In practice, advisors usually have to gather this information from many different systems and then export it to an Excel document before they can show it to their clients as a PDF document. This effort can take up to 30 minutes per customer and report.  


The digital solution saves time and inspires your customers!  

But also this process can also be completely mapped in a digital way. With the analytical software CIOS.Reporting, investment advisors can analyze all relevant financial information of their clients with just one click and present it to their clients with easy-to-understand graphs. What was previously a time-consuming process is now a digital experience for clients and advisors. This way, all liquid assets are presented in an easy-to-understand dashboard, where you can immediately point out risk factors or advise your clients on new investment proposals (e.g.: ESG).  

With the two dashboards for advisors and clients, you can inform your clients about new developments of their investments at any time, even after the personal meeting. In the long term, this will increase customer satisfaction and strengthen their loyalty to your institution. Thanks to state-of-the-art API interfaces, the SaaS solution can be easily integrated with existing IT infrastructure, enabling fast implementation in your organization. 

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