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WealthTech Software from the heart of Frankfurt. Learn more about us.

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Wanna revolutionize the world of digital investments with us? This way!

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Our offerings range from onboarding to reporting as self-service, assisted or hybrid solution.

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Our Software Solutions for your Customer Onboarding as Self Execution, Advisor Guided or Hybrid!

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Whether 100% digital or hybrid with personal advice, our software adapts to your operating model in a modular way.

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From SAA Construction, Advisor Software to Portfolio Management. Our software digitizes your process E2E.

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Transaction Ordering. Contact us for more information.

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From asset aggregation to portfolio analysis with CIOS.Reporting you get all your clients' asset data - prepared in intuitive dashboards.

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The world’s first connected investment platform

In a world where “human financial advice” gets more expensive day by day, Fincite empowers retail banks, private banks and insurers to provide digital or digitally-empowered (hybrid) investment services to their clients.

All this seamlessly integrated into their current processes, channels and architectures via one software – Fincite.CIOS.

Our customers benefit from:


Increased revenue per customer, advisor and portfolio manager


Reduced costs through cutting efforts along the investment value chain

Sicherstellung der Compliance

Ensured compliance through automated documentations and rules


Our investment platform empowers banks, insurers and asset managers to:

Provide holistic advice on all assets of a customer aggregated into a 360° view.

More information about the Aggregation Engine.

Generate insights for the customers by analyzing their financials and providing impulses for the advisor.

More information about the Analytical Engine.

Automate the construction of individual portfolios matching the preferences, objectives and restrictions of the customer with the investment rules of the bank.

More information about the Optimization Engine.

Our software supports the value chain of investments with a lot of functionalities bundled in the CIOS-Suite.

Investments Software mit allen Funktionen

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Our modular investment platform:

  • Customer Channel
    Customer Support/Dashboard, Wealth Aggregation, Digital Onboarding, Customer Management
  • Advice
    MiFID II check & profiling, retirement planning, Hybrid advice, integrated research
  • Investment
    Portfolio management & analysis, rebalancing, investment restrictions simulation
  • Servicing 
    Financial planning, private markets, 360° client view, alternative investments
  • Reporting
    Client reporting, management reporting, performance reporting, risk reporting


Start small and be fast

Thanks to our modular setup, you can start by using single functionalities without implementation. Within only a few weeks, you can connect to our service via API or file transfer in order to explore our software’s features.

  • Proof of Value
    Test our application in your processes with your advisors, portfolio managers or test clients
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
    Implement CIOS for your individual use case within just a few months
  • Implementation
    Depending on your architectural environment, we can integrate your Core Banking, CRM, Portfolio Management System or deposit bank


”With Fincite.CIOS, we can manage complex portfolios automatically. This strengthens the efficiency of our consultants and helps them focus on the essentials: the customer.”

Ronald Tuinenga, Product Owner Digital Investments ABN AMRO

Ronald Tuinenga, Product Owner Digital Investments ABN AMRO


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