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New challenger: EVERGREEN
Financial Planning made easy and transparent!

In this case study, our client EVERGREEN shares its experiences about our collaboration and using our software Fincite.CIOS.


EVERGREEN is a young Fintech company, aiming to digitize the whole chain of wealth management for basically everyone. Founded 2018 in Leipzig by the experienced C-level executive and one of the fund managers of the company, Iven Kurz, EVERGREEN stands out with a transparent cost structure and best-in-class user experience.
EVERGREEN covers the whole process chain of wealth management: financial analysis, risk and fund management, and financial education for its customers.

The company’s vision, Kurz says, is to provide low-cost retirement and financial planning, not only for digital natives but for every customer searching for an affordable and easy-to-use investment plan. In order to achieve this goal Evergreen set core values such as transparency, fair prices, and customer satisfaction. The product range currently includes digitized financial and investment planning, and their retirement planning service will soon be launched.

Evergreen - Digital Challenger

Our Applications for EVERGREEN

Our partnership with EVERGREEN covers two main objectives: developing B2C Financial Planning and Fund Management Services to administrate the funds.

Financial Planning

The financial planning service is a B2C one-stop solution for individuals who are searching for financial and investment planning advice. The application provides proposals for wealth and risk management and models the customers’ risk profile. The combination of Fincite’s software engines and EVERGREEN’s investment experience ensures that clients get trustworthy, easy-to-understand results for their investment. As there is no minimum investment amount, customers can easily test the services with just a fraction of their monthly savings budget.

Evergreen Client Onboarding

Fund Management Service

Before we went live with EVERGREEN’s financial planning service, we also developed a unique Fund Management Service, the company’s core product. The service covers several aspects, starting from loading and preprocessing time series, to calculating risk and performance measures and finally performing a Monte Carlo simulation to evaluate the optimal allocation. The fund manager has an overview of all the funds and can decide which instruments he or she wants to trade. The trade sheet is then created automatically.

Evergreen Fund Dashboard

Facts & Figures
of our collaboration

Fincite Clients

Target Group:

Financial Planning and Investing: Individuals (B2C),
Fund Management Service: Fund Manager (B2B, professionals)



Python, Django, React

Target Group


DAB BNP Paribas (Custodian)
PostIdent (Identification)


Managed Funds:

Evergreen PDI Yin (stable returns) and
Evergreen PDI Yang (dynamic returns)



Onboarding–Risk Profiling
Digital User Postbox
Financial Planning
Video and Offline identification
Account opening & management



Profiling & Digital Onboarding
CIOS.Analyze: Fund Management and Market Data Provision

Our collaboration was a speedy process with constant improvements. We started the development of EVERGREENs B2C-Platform in March 2019. The first release has been launched on the 6th of May 2019. Altogether, there have been 26 sprints so far (each sprint meaning 2 weeks development time).

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Examples of Client Onboarding, Financial Planning and Risk Profiles

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Fincite Partner Evergreen

“Evergreen is aiming for technological leadership in digital financial planning and investing. Fincite’s CIOS is paving the way from our state-of-the-art asset management to great customer experience.” Iven Kurz, CEO Evergreen