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Powerful financial planning software: Tomorrow always in sight

You are looking for a comprehensive software to help your clients with their financial planning? With Fincite’s financial planning software, you benefit from an automated,
easy-to-use solution that incorporates the cash accounts into our engine – adapting to the expenses in real time.

  • Identification of the customer’s profile through an interactive dialogue
  • Aggregation of all customers assets to shape the customer profile
  • Identification of personal retirement gap from the expenses as delta from objectives
  • Implementation of dynamic saving strategies based on goals and values
  • Transition into a managed portfolio or insurance product
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Close retirement gaps by managing the financial profile in real time:


Connect cash accounts and receive a suggestion for retirement planning based on expenses


Keep accounts and retirement objectives connected and managed


Receive an optimized allocation of investment and fixed income products

Setting a strategy to derive the retirement goal

A sound strategy is fundamental for reaching the individual pension objective. With our financial planning software, you profit from a straightforward procedure:

  • An objective is set based upon the required retirement demand
  • Ongoing track of life expenses and retirement plan
  • Automated account management towards a retirement objective
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financial planning

Manage the financial profiles of your clients

  • Identification of the retirement objective and saving capacities
  • Simulation of the target allocation, savings plan and withdrawal plan
  • IDD process is taken over by the customer and saves time for the consultant
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financial planning

Further benefits of our financial planning software


Customer satisfaction

Reach a long-term oriented customer group with a savings plan solution


Fully automated

Offer a completely automated service


Build a stronger brand

Increase your visibility

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Was unsere Kunden über unsere Investment Plattform sagen:

“We are glad to have the tech experts from Fincite as our partner”

Jurgen Vandenbroucke, Managing Director at everyoneINVESTED


“The collaboration with Fincite will enables us to make our investment research services directly available to our partners, especially from the perspective of Bank für Vermögen AG, in client advisory services, but also in individual portfolio construction.”

Marc Sattler, BCA & BfV Board Member


“Prospery and Fincite have been working together since 2017. Within only a couple of months, Fincite was able to develop a complete portfolio management solution. We would work with them again at any time!”

Andrew Trythall, Product Owner Prospery / Kendu


“With our partners of Fincite, we could excite some of our clients. We brought intelligence and Insights directly into the portfolios our clients’ customers, by leveraging Thomson Reuters strong data capabilities with Fincites’ Algorithms.”

Christian Kammler, Sales Manager Refinitiv


“Life Insurers need innovative Products to serve customers digitally. The integrated Robo Advisor from Fincite is an excellent solution, which is actively used by numerous renowned financial institutions. Together with msg life we will now offer new opportunities in advice, customer retention and sales to life insurance.”

Milenko Radic, Geschäftsführer Msg life


“Evergreen is aiming for technological leadership in digital financial planning and investing. Fincite’s CIOS is paving the way from our state- of-the-art asset management to a great customer experience.”

Iven Kurz, CEO Evergreen


”OWNLY and Fincite share the vision of a digital private bank and family office. This led to fruitful exchanges about future services and features.”

Nicholas Ziegert, CEO W&Z FinTech OWNLY


”Together with Fincite, we have created a new-generation financial analysis tool. Their innovative thinking combined with their strong focus on financial mathematics led to an impressively efficient tool for our clients.”

Sebastian Napiralla, Director Lampe Asset Management


”The combination of extensive experience in the financial sector with a fresh innovative approach and dedication makes Fincite the perfect partner for us.”

Dirk-Jan Schuiten, CEO Prospery


”With Fincite.CIOS, we can manage complex portfolios automatically. This strengthens the efficiency of our consultants and helps them focus on the essentials: the customer.”

Ronald Tuinenga, Product Owner Digital Investments ABN AMRO