Fincite ESG Investment Software

Fincite ESG Investment Software: Empowering sustainable investments

Growing sustainability interest by investors supported by future international regulations will push the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration from trend to mainstream. By the year 2021 more than 92% of Asset Owners will implement ESG criteria in their investment screening process. Furthermore, in order to conform to the ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreement and United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, upcoming EU-regulations will boost the call for ESG integrated investment strategies and elevate the requirements for financial service companies. With our ESG investment software, we empower Financial Institutions to offer their clients a comprehensive ESG investment service.

Fincite ESG Questionnaire
Fincite ESG Questionnaire
ESG Questionnaire
ESG Questionnaire

The Benefits of Fincite´s ESG Investment Solution

Attract environmentally conscious customers with transparent ESG scores and customizable ESG-criteria selection

Extend the client’s product portfolio by providing further sustainability insights into their financial positions

Benefit from a pivotal shift in investment behavior by anticipating upcoming EU-regulations

Business Case for Fincite ESG investment software

AuM growth by 28%

The investment volume for German ESG conform products will increase by a CAGR of 28% p.a. until 2030


25% higher margins

ESG products are priced 25% above their comparable non-ESG products

Rising share of ESG investments

90% of asset owners want to achieve at least 25% of funds invested in ESG/RI funds

The Core Functionalities
of Our ESG Software

An Intuitive User Dashboard

Fincite ESG delivers an intuitive dashboard where today’s sustainability-conscious customers can be satisfied comprehensively. This dashboard includes:

  • Aggregated ESG scores on a portfolio level
  • Inclusion and exclusion of specific ESG screening criteria
  • Comparison of returns with selectable benchmarks
  • Breakdown on instrument level
  • ESG insights to highlight the sustainability of a client’s portfolio
ESG Portfolio Analysis
ESG Portfolio Analysis

ESG In-Depth Exploration on Instrument Level

Transparency is one of the cornerstones of ESG. At Fincite we strive to give our customers full access to different layers of ESG scores and their composition. In order to carry out a well-rounded performance we developed the attribution details functionality with ESG scores composition breakdown for specific instruments. To account for recent occurrences, we also implemented a tailored ESG news feed which highlights ESG relevant factors outside of the update cycle of the regular scores.

Fincite ESG Investment
Fincite ESG Investment
Fincite ESG Investment

Our Expertise in The Integration of ESG Data Provider

The successful integration of ESG scores depends highly on the data provider quality. Fincite delivers you the following benefits:

Fincite Digital Wealth Mangement Software

Profit from our broad market knowledge and identify the fitting data provider for your financial institution

Fincite Digital Wealth Mangement Software

Experience transparent data provider onboarding process

Access to real-time ESG data by connecting our engine through an API

What our customers say about our digital investment platform: