Hybrid Robo Advisor

Hybrid Robo Advisor: automated portfolio management

“Human-only” offline advice is not scalable and requires considerable manual efforts. On top of that, increasing regulatory requirements lead to liability and reputational risks. Our Hybrid Robo Advisor enables our clients to overcome these challenges. Advise your clients automated & individually and empower your advisor!

Fincite Software Digital Wealth Management

Benefits of our hybrid Robo Advisor:

Easily integrated to your existing systems, add Fincite.CIOS modular features on request.

Offer a high-efficient online-only or hybrid advice, and increase your client satisfaction.

Win new customers for a digital channel

Fincite CIOS
  • MiFID II compliant risk profiling and customer onboarding
  • Implementation of savings plans and dynamic saving strategies
  • Many overviews in a dashboard explaining risk, performance and investment strategy
  • Automate all basic tasks of portfolio management services like portfolio construction and rebalancing
  • Seamlessly allow your customer to switch between an online process and a human advisor

Start with a digital or hybrid onboarding process

Our hybrid Robo Advisor’s digital onboarding process includes profiling, setting objectives and determining portfolio options.

Profiling (MiFID II)

To model the customer, CIOS contains a dynamic workflow. The bank can build its own workflow to identify the customer profile. The client risk score is derived from the onboarding risk questionnaire, covering the following topics:

  • Knowledge and experience
  • Financial situation including loss-bearing capacity
  • Investment goals and strategies

The Fincite Aggregation Engine can also be used in the Profiling to create a deeper insight into the customer profile.

Fincite Software Digital Wealth Management
Fincite ABN Alfred

Objectives and restrictions

CIOS contains a vast set of goals and restriction settings, for example goals for retail customers such as capital goals, saving plans, consumption or passive income and retirement goals. For private banking and institutional customers, there are further goals regarding sustaining of wealth, risk bandwidth or expected returns with risk budgets. The customer can, upon demand, also set the restrictions from our Optimization Engine.

Portfolio construction

Based on the bank’s model portfolio or its expected return and product galaxy, our software matches the MiFiD II risk profile, objectives and restrictions of the customer towards a suggested portfolio. Within the portfolio construction our software manages:

  • Model portfolio
  • Suitability check
  • Matching customer risk profile to model portfolio
  • Rebalancing of portfolio
Fincite AMB Alfred

How our Robo Advisor solution leverages the Fincite.CIOS engines

The Fincite hybrid Robo Advisor software accesses the 3 engines of our Fincite.CIOS and thus offers you the most extensive Robo Advice available.

Aggregation Engine

Aggregation can be used to provide the customer with a holistic overview

Analytical Engine

The Analytical Engine  analyzes all relevant aspects of the client such as customer risk profiling, insights, objectives, or restrictions

Optimization Engine

Our portfolio optimization Engine sets portfolio constructions and clients restrictions and manages the portfolio rebalancing

What our customers say about our digital investment platform: