Portfolio Health Check

Portfolio Health Check: give a second opinion on your customer's portfolio

Imagine you can convince your customers by providing an immediate 2nd opinion on their investments online. With our portfolio software, you can allow your customer to connect his third-party deposit on your website – simply by using their online banking credentials.

Fincite Software Digital Wealth Management

Benefits of our Portfolio Health Check:

Provide your customers one overview about all portfolios at all security deposits.

Benchmark your strategic asset allocation towards the customer’s current portfolio and give your customer concrete recommendations.

Generate valuable data about your customer and provoke new investments.

Benefits for the bank

  • Win customers from your competitor by offering a portfolio transition, deposit opening or deposit moving after the check
  • Convert customer to your digital investment service or into an offline advice after the initial check
  • Use portfolio health check as a premium service or trigger for a sales impulse
  • Gain revenues by triggering transaction in a self-execution environment
  • Manage your funnel by knowing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and trigger the right actions at the right time
  • Differentiate from your competition and increase your Net Promoter Score (client satisfaction)
Fincite Software Digital Wealth Management
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