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The Fincite Recap of 2017

Welcome to the first blog post of 2018! So much has happened in the last 12 months in the Financial Technology (FinTech) industry: Robo-Advisors are getting smarter, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are becoming mainstream and the European Commission received the final draft on the PSD2’s Technical Standards done by the European Banking Authority.

The rapid pace at which the industry moves forward gave us a great idea for our company’s new year’s resolution: to keep our readers informed about the latest developments in the FinTech industry, as well as in our company. We think that there is no better way to start this than by doing a recap of Fincite’s achievements throughout 2017.

We grew our team

As the European FinTech market grew, so did we. Throughout 2017 we sought out new clients and won several implementations all over Europe, which gave us the opportunity to grow our team.

Fincite in Frankfurt now consists of 15 professionals from multiple backgrounds, disciplines, and nationalities in charge of developing new financial solutions together with our clients. A diverse client base calls for a diverse team!

Fincite made the news several times

It’s a great feeling when you see your name in the headlines. We are proud to say that we have made the news multiple times in some of the major German news outlets. We have compiled the best articles and placed them in our news section for you to read. If you want to stay up to date with the latest developments in the company, you can also follow us on LinkedIn.

Our Co-CEO was featured in multiple interviews, conferences and more

Back in January, Ralf was featured in Euro Finance Tech and was asked about the state of FinTechs up to that point. In the interview, he shares his expectations for the industry and explains the environment in which FinTech companies will work in the years to come.

Ralf also represented us in the DIA Munich conference, organized by one of our partners msg life. In this conference, Ralf talked about how digital asset management tools can be used by insurance companies to enhance the experience of their customers.

We take data protection seriously, that’s why Ralf took part in a round table at the Euro Finance Week 2017. There we discussed how data protection should be an integral part of software and business architectures.

Back in September, Ralf co-wrote an article for the prestigious German magazine Das Investment together with Dr. Nicholas Ziegert, CEO of W&Z FinTech GmbH. In the article, both of them dissect the term Robo-advisor by explaining the capabilities of the technology.

Fincite MSG Ralf Heim

We have initiated new ventures

Whereas for Fincite Digital Asset Management is and remains the top and only priority, in Fincite Ventures we applied our diverse background and technical skills to also create trade and financial market solutions in related areas. In 2017 we started three new ventures which we expect to grow in the future.

metalshub is an online marketplace for metals and ferroalloys which brings together consumers and producers from all around the world. The platform launched on the 13th of December and hours after the launch, it saw its first transaction take place: 24 metric tons of ferronickel.

firstwire is an online marketplace where people can trade Promissory Notes, Registered Bonds and Loans. The platform grants users direct market access, transparent prices, and lower transaction fees than regular markets.

Lexcube is a venture intended to build a RegTech software platform with the goal to digitize compliance and regulatory processes in the asset management space. Lexcube was founded together with Peter Lohse, former Head of Legal and Compliance from Blackrock.

Our achievements have been recognized

As any Hollywood actor will tell you, it’s an honor just to be nominated for an Oscar Academy Award. With this in mind, we are extremely proud of making it to the final round of the STEP Award, which since 2006 recognizes the efforts of German, Austrian and Swiss companies for their innovation and growth.

At Fincite we put as much effort in our projects as we do in our company culture and work environment. A happy team member is a productive team member, after all! This is why we pride ourselves in having won the Kununu award, which recognizes companies the best employee reviews. Check out what our team members said about having worked at Fincite!

We also positioned ourselves #26 of the Top 50 fastest growing Startups in Germany by Gründerszene, a company which curates the list based on a company’s annual average sales growth (CAGR).

2017 was an exciting and successful year for us.

This new year will come full of surprises and challenges. We will keep you informed through our blog.

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