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Investment Service
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Our modular investment software allows financial service providers to realize their unique investment services on our software – empowered by the features of our engines. Build your own investment, wealth management or financial planning service within a few months.

The CIOS Architecture


Our CIOS Engines as a foundation
for your investment service

  • Creating a 360° customer profile
  • Financial algorithms
  • Easily adjustable portfolio construction

Your process mapped into our CIOS engines

  • Investment Advice
  • Customer Reporting
  •  Portfolio Management
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Sales impulses

Your Frontend Solutions

Option 1:

  • Fincite.CIOS frontend
  • Advisor & portfolio manager
  • Investor dashboard
  • Investor onboarding

Option 2:

  • Custom Frontend
  • Customer-facing new application
  • Integration into your online banking

Benefits of our software frameworks:

Investment Growth

Fast development & integration saves you 2-12 month

ESG Scores

Build your future-ready service on top of your existing software architecture

Fincite Digital Wealth Mangement Software

Generate sales impulses with the received insights about your customers and their assets

Start where you stand today!

The Financial Services sector is a diverse industry. Every institution has its own priorities, challenges, distribution channels and last but not least its own IT architecture. In order to sustain this individuality, we build our Software as a modular framework – so that we can create a highly tailor-made application that suits your business. Together with our solution team and our partner network, we leverage our framework for you.

Your strategy

Your strategy may include the following goals:

  • Increasing your revenues through new service models
  • Providing a fully digital customer experience
  • Increasing the efficiency and revenues of your advisors
  • Fasten or individualizing your portfolio construction process
  • Ensuring your compliance in the advice process
Fincite Digital Wealth Mangement Software

Your Frontend

Use our tailorable Fincite.CIOS frontend for your Advisors and Portfolio Managers. The frontend is designed with an integrated user and access management.
As an alternative you can also use your own frontend and integrate our templates such as chart libraries or predefined containers.
Based on your requirements we can also build your frontend connected to our APIs.


Your Service

Whether you want to build your own Robo Advisor, a Financial (or Retirement) Planning Service, Investment Advice or Discretionary Portfolio Management service for retail or institutional customers, our software Framework offers you the full flexibility. You can easily embed different concepts such as individual portfolios, ESG or Portfolio Health Checks.

Your Investment Approach

According to your Product Galaxy, Investment Restrictions or Model Portfolio our modules support a high variety for modeling your individual process. Starting from customer risk profiling (MIFID 2) towards portfolio construction and rebalancing strategies.

Your System Architecture

Our framework supports a multitude of Market Data Providers (e.g. Refinitiv, Factset, Morningstar, SIX), Core Banking Software (Temenos, Sopra, avaloq, etc.), CRM, Settlement providers and Brokers.

Fincite Digital Wealth Mangement Software

Your compliance requirements

Comprehensive framework for rights and roles makes even complex compliance processes (e.g. target market checks) easy to implement. The whole framework is built to make regulatory requirements (e.g. Mifid, “MaRisk”) technically feasible. Extensive logging and archiving functionality allow for an audit trail. The client´s data can be stored within or outside the software.

Fincite Your Investment Service

Features for your Advisors, Portfolio Managers, and Clients

As unique as your business, Fincite.CIOS is made to support highly individual processes. Once we have defined the scope, strategy, and purpose of your project, we build the process map connecting your requirements with our software and third party software.

  • Features for advisors:

    Management of customer risk profiling, client portfolio construction, sales recommendations, MIFID-2 documentation, performance reporting, risk reporting, portfolio health check, advisor dashboard, wealth aggregation.

  • Features for portfolio managers:

    Portfolio construction, rebalancing, investment compliance, an audit trail of orders.

  • Features for your customers:

    Account & fund aggregation, financial home (situation), risk-bearing capacity, evaluation of real estate & alternative investments, financial & retirement planning tools, (hybrid) Robo Advisor, chat function, banking App.

It is that easy: you bring the logic, we build your software based on our frameworks!

Always on time, within your budget and of course with high- quality coding, and modern design & User Interface. Our experienced team of 60 software developers and project managers have developed best-in-class banking & finance software solutions for international banks and insurance companies. During our software development process we are always following the same rule: putting the needs of your customers’ in the spotlight. Our modular software Fincite.CIOS is the foundation of all the features we have developed with our clients. As a SaaS, we connect to your core banking architecture and build up new, fully integrated features. A dedicated project team creates the roadmap together with you and ensures a smooth implementation in your IT infrastructure.

Frontend Framework

Our frameworks cover all aspects of best-in-class banking software:

As unique as your digital strategy, the development of your software features is a highly individual process. Once we have defined the scope, strategy, and purpose of your project, we start to create the project roadmap and match the existing engines with your features.

  • Frontend Framework:

    Our frontend framework enables multi-channel software applications to be developed at a speed never seen before.

  • Investment Framework:

    Investment Engines provide fast access to financial mathematical models that can be individually parameterized.

  • Project Framework:

    SDKs, seeds, and ready-made chart libraries enable a fast project setup and guarantees a time advantage.

  • Connectivity:

    Market data connection, core system connections, access to accounts, are all provided by one framework.

How will your financial software solution look like?

Contact us for further information, demo or a personal consultation with our software experts.

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