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7 Key Wealth Management Trends in 2024

As we approach 2024, the landscape of investment is evolving rapidly. Ralf Heim, the Founder & Co-CEO of Fincite, shares his expertise on technological trends reshaping wealth management. This article delves into:

  • SaaS and Low Code's Increasing Influence in Wealth Management: The roles of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Low Code are expanding in wealth management.
  • AI's Impact on Wealth Management: An examination of how artificial intelligence is transforming the sector.
  • Dynamic Shifts in Asset Allocation: A look at the evolving strategies in asset management.
  • Renewed Focus on Regulatory Momentum: Insights into the resurgence of regulatory changes and their implications.

Drawing on experiences and conversations with clients and industry experts, this article provides practical, actionable insights for wealth advisors and technology enthusiasts.

1. SaaS Adoption in Wealth Management

Software as a Service (SaaS) offers significant benefits to wealth management, from modernizing user experiences to reducing costs and adapting swiftly to market shifts. Recent years have revealed a surprising trend: numerous clients are embracing cloud-based solutions as their primary foray into core business operations, even in sectors traditionally dominated by on-premises software.

2. Low-Code Customization: A Trend Beyond Buzzwords

The rise of Low Code technology allows non-developers to customize software, bridging the gap between unique business requirements and standard solutions. This trend is set to widen the gap between outdated software and modern, user-friendly SaaS solutions.

3. AI in Wealth Management: The Double Sandbox Strategy

In the world of wealth management, AI is being adopted cautiously, employing a 'Double Sandbox' strategy for safe and regulated use. While AI is increasingly used in front-office operations, its direct interaction with customers is expected to remain minimal in 2024.

4. Mastering Asset Allocation in a Changing World

The complexity of portfolio management has escalated, influenced by factors like alternative assets and geopolitical shifts. This complexity necessitates enhanced knowledge, processes, and technology for effective management and reporting.

5. The Return of Regulatory Momentum

The financial sector is witnessing a resurgence of regulatory changes, impacting everything from crypto assets to outsourcing. This necessitates a more robust response from banks and financial institutions.

6. Leveraging Interest Rate Profits for Strategic Advantages

The fluctuating interest rates have significantly altered the power dynamics within the industry, affecting budgets for technology and personnel. This trend is expected to continue through 2024.

7. The Rebundling of Investment Services

There's a growing trend of combining services like custody and SaaS for more comprehensive solutions. This rebundling offers financial institutions opportunities for diversification and strengthening their market position.


The key trends for 2024 in wealth management technology signal a transformative era. These developments represent a collective shift towards a more agile, tech-savvy, and client-focused future in wealth management.