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5 #WealthTech Trends shaping the industry in 2022 (+Bonus Track)

In 2021 a lot of trends in the investment industry moved towards the “plateau of productivity” as Gartner would describe it in the “Hype Cycle” model. But what exactly are these trends? We identified 5 topics that will shape the wealth industry...

How to excite your clients with a Digital Portfolio Reporting

Time-eater reporting

Searching for a summer vacation on the web, taking part in a video conference and paying for the groceries conveniently by cell...

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Digitize your investment processes - with portfolio analytics & intuitive reporting frontends

Whether it's digital customer on-boarding, online account opening, or automated portfolio optimization, nowadays many processes are manually no...

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Partnership for digital fund management

Together with PACTA, we will design ready-made standard processes (so-called PACTA workflows) for digital fund management. The first joint project is...

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The Conversion Engine comes to the rescue of banks in their attempt to convert savings into investments

In an era of low-interest rates and cash piling up on current and savings accounts, banks have tried various tactics to convert the cash hoard into...

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2021 - The year when Robo-Advice finally comes of age.

An Evaluation by Friedhelm Schmitt.

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Agile Work: Fincite and ING launch podcast „Changemakers"

Changemakers - New Podcast about agile work, with helpful tips, expert interviews, and inspiration for a successful working environment

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Sustainable Investments (update 2020)

All you need to know about regulatory initiatives, implementation deadlines, and impacts for financial institutions


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Fincite introduces advisory board members

Senior executives form a three-person committee


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Digital conversion from wealthy savers to first-time investors

everyoneINVESTED is the wealth tech spin-off of KBC, offering omnichannel investment journeys for life that bridge the digital distance between your...

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How a customer-centric reporting can increase your customer engagement

Within the financial industry there are two major statements you might have heard before: “Financial products are sold, not bought? and “When the...

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Increase your customer engagement with Customer-Centric Reporting

Within the financial industry there are two major statements you might have heard before: “Financial products are sold, not bought” and “When the...

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