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Our offerings range from onboarding to reporting as self-service, assisted or hybrid solution.

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From asset aggregation to portfolio analysis with CIOS.Reporting you get all your clients' asset data - prepared in intuitive dashboards.

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Seven Critical Pitfalls in WealthTech Projects

In the world of WealthTech, where innovation meets financial prowess, the journey from conception to execution can be riddled with unforeseen challenges. Despite meticulous planning and abundant resources, many projects encounter unexpected...

Artificial Intelligence as the Co-Pilot for Wealth Advisors

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to fundamentally transform the finance sector by supporting human efforts with its potent capabilities and taking...

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7 Key Wealth Management Trends in 2024

As we approach 2024, the landscape of investment is evolving rapidly. Ralf Heim, the Founder & Co-CEO of Fincite, shares his expertise on...

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Advisor Software: Automated portfolio rebalancing and optimization

How to leverage the revenue per advisors while reducing the total cost of the advice process? The Fincite Advisor Software offers consultants an...

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New Client: Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe          Client Suite Software for effective support of the advisory process

A modern advisory experience: Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe is cooperating with Fincite with immediate effect and will introduce a new client suite - a...

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Holistic Investment Advice: How Retail Advisors can manage these 3 Challenges

The role of investment advisors within retail banking has fundamentally changed in recent years. The growing complexity of financial markets, a...

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Financial Products Governance made easy & compliant! This is what you need to know!

Product governance is intrinsically linked with the MiFID II regulatory framework which came into being after the global financial crash in 2008. ...

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Personalized Wealth Management: From Trend to Must-Have

Large companies like Netflix, Amazon, and others have recognized the added value of personalized offers and use them effectively to keep their...

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WealthTech Trends 2023

Here are the top 5 highlights of our founder and CO-CEO Ralf Heim.  2022 was a year from which, under normal circumstances, one would first have to...

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Virtual Assisants in Private Banking

Everyone is familiar with the classic financial advice of today: investment clients make an appointment with their advisor to discuss their personal...

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Generation Z and investments - how to convince young investors!

Savings accounts, checking accounts, building society savings contracts, and possibly a share - for the boomer generation, these were often the only...

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How to make customer onboarding fast & compliant in under 10 minutes!

Too many banks make the onboarding process difficult for new customers. When customers want to open an account or securities account, they often have...

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3 Customer Onboarding Conversion Killers and how to avoid them

How can you ensure that your prospective customer completes the onboarding process and that your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and bounce rate...

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