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Fincite Team member Aleksander Groshev
Aleksander Groshev

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. I have a background in Economics with focus on entrepreneurship. After my studies, I have worked for a large healthcare enterprise specialized for new product development. I had a lot of fun launching successful products, but still wanted to develop something from scratch. The ability to extinguish new ideas is important to productivity and to our capacity to scale. It was time for a change – I wanted to extend my knowledge and enhance my personal scaling.

Back to the roots.
I found myself in a situation where I wanted to have more flexibility and space for creating great things. Therefore, I joined Fincite. Fincite is in a phase of growth, but still has many opportunities to contribute new ideas and shape the company. At Fincite I am responsible for building new and shaping existing products. I take clients’ feedback and other sources to develop customer-focused solutions.

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Varsenia Stoyanova
Varsenia Stoyanova

After graduation I started to work in Private Banking on different Business Development projects like Core Banking System implementation and Go-To-Market processes. As a next step I gained experience in a large IT consultancy company where I got a broader perspective of the banking industry. However, I had always the passion to build something from scratch and work for a very innovative company.

Following my first interview with Fincite, I knew the role and the company suits me best- a highly driven team, entrepreneurial spirit and international environment. Within Business Development I am responsible for talking to clients about their ideas, their vision and how to enable it with a creative customised software solution.
The decision making process is short, which makes the environment very dynamic. The philosophy is simple- it doesn`t matter who does it, it does matter what comes out as a result. Like this, I have the opportunity to develop myself very fast, meet many interesting people and help clients make their businesses grow!”

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Tin Pham

My journey with Fincite started right after finishing my master degree. Having the chance to talk to the founders made me excited and curious about the Fintech industry. It really encouraged me to dive into a very different world compared with what I knew before. I even delayed my plan to go to the US and decided to start my first job in Germany.

So far, I can say it is a great journey with a lot of challenges, discoveries, and achievements. And there are so many things ahead which will make me stronger in skills and knowledge. I can say it is totally worth it and I am happy with the decision I made.

At Fincite I started as a generic software developer, but I also had the chance to experience many different roles, working directly with the client and having the chance to be responsible for several projects. On top of it, I got a very broad view and insights of both worlds: Software and Finance. 

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Fincite Team
Florian Untersteller

Get stuff done! When I got approached by Fincite I was working in a company with a corporate mindset. Back then I was looking for more flexibility, new challenges and more fun at work. Fincite has enabled me to grow personally and transform my career, while overcoming challenges together with amazing colleagues. The speed of the whole company is impressive and the agile work environment enables us to actually create stuff and not only discuss it.

As Fincite is constantly evolving, we are constantly learning. Although I walked in the door with a lot of experience in project management and no financial background, I was quickly trained and grew into my new role. Creating solutions with our clients and help them serve their clients in a digital and innovative way is really inspiring and fun.


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Fincite Florian Untersteller

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