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- Case Study -

Digital Advisor Software - for one of the largest broker pools in Germany

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In this case study, we show you how we built the digital bridge for intelligent investment advisory between BCA´s brokers and clients based on our modular software Fincite.CIOS.

BCA Case Study Roman Schwarze Digitale Advisor Software


BCAs Challenges

Die BCA-Gruppe ist eine feste Größe im intermediären deutschen Finanzdienstleistungsgeschäft. Als Full-Service-Dienstleister für unabhängige Vermittler, Mehrfachagenten und gebundene Vermittler stellen die BCA, die BCA VVS und die Bank für Vermögen eine umfassende Angebots- und Abwicklungsinfrastruktur für Versicherungs- und Investmentgeschäft, sowie verschiedene digitalen Schnittstellen zum Kunden zur Verfügung.

BCAs Vision war es ihren Kund:innen und Berater:innen die beste digitale Investment-Experience im Finanzdienstleistungssektor zu bieten. Dieses Zukunftsbild war der Auslöser für unsere Zusammenarbeit. Die Herausforderung bestand also darin, eine digitale und intuitiv zu bedienende Investment-Plattform zu schaffen, die allen Anforderungen der BCA erfüllt; und zwar vom Onboarding bis zum Reporting.

Fincites Solution to BCA's Challenges

Considering BCA's vision Fincite implemented a multi-module platform, which was seamlessly integrated into BCA’s existing software, DIVA. The new investment platform allows BCA brokers to digitally manage their entire financial advice journey. Now, brokers and clients are provided with holistic portfolio insights and ad-hoc, single, and series reports. The platform also allows the integration of various custodian banks and includes:

  • MiFID II compliant client onboarding incl. sustainability profiling
  • Performing advice and wealth management processes
  • Creating Model portfolios (Depotstar)
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Favorite lists
  • Ordering
  • Reporting of Portfolio and Instruments (Factsheets)

Interview with Roman Schwarze, CDO, BCA AG

Composable Reporting

The new digital platform offers a holistic financial analysis for freelance brokers and helps them to intensify their customer relationships. In addition, the software allows for extensive investment analysis to be created for both advisors and their clients. The new reporting includes:

  • Investment performance with modern charts and intuitive design
  • Investment holdings in instrument tables
  • Profit and loss statements on transactions over time
  • Representation of investment assets by currencies, industries, asset classes, and regions Payment and savings plans.

Composable Reporting

Creation of Customer-Specific and Regulatory Relevant Reports:

  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Series reports
  • Regulatory-compliant quarterly and annual reports on MiFID II cost and transaction transparency
  • Regulatory-compliant relevant loss reporting functionality for customers.

ESG - Sustainable Investment Advice

With our Software Fincite.CIOS, BCA does now fully fulfill the regulation on sustainability-related disclosure in the financial services sector. BCA investment advisors and wealth managers will guide the customer through an ESG-compliant onboarding and will be able to create investment proposals based on environmental, social, and governance criteria that really meet the sustainable criteria of their customers. The ESG feature will:

  • Safeguard compliance with relevant European Sustainability guidelines and directives (SFDR)
  • Decrease process costs due to enablement and digital support of investment advisors and wealth managers to find out their customer's actual sustainability preferences
  • Enhance the quality of the advisor’s and wealth manager’s daily business through automated and regulatory-compliant investment processes

Results of our Collaboration

  • Providing a modular investment platform that covers the entire investment advisory workflow
  • High accuracy in investment advice thanks to deep data analysis
  • Streamlining of the processing workload and thus a significant reduction in advisory costs
  • Faster closing of new clients
  • Increased user-friendliness through frictionless integration of existing processes

Facts & Figures of our Collaboration

Icon_Portfolio Optimierung_Berenberg_Strategische Asset Allokation_Fincite

Portfolio Optimization

for end customers (B2C) and institutional customers.

Icon_Produkte_Berenberg_Strategische Asset Allokation_Fincite


Python, Django, React

Icon_Technologie_Berenberg_Strategische Asset Allokation_Fincite


Investment analysis and reporting, performance, profit and loss and risk calculation, portfolio data processing.

Roman Schwarzer's opinion on our collaboration:

With our new investment platform, our consultants were able to double the share of wallet with their clients.
BCA Roman Schwarze Case Study Digital Advisor Software
Roman Schwarze
Chief Digital Officer

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