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In a world where human financial advice gets more expensive by the day, financial service providers have enormous potentials in providing digital- or digitally empowered investment services.

We build the first investment software that aggregates, analyzes and manages all financial assets of a customer.

Based on our Software, Banks, Asset Managers and Insurers create innovative digital services for their customers.

Fincite Digital Wealth Management


Fincite CIOS is a modular software that connects the customer’s financials via an intelligent advice engine with a Portfolio Management Software.

You can use the full suite or start with single features within weeks.

Digital Journeys

A selection of Solutions our clients build based on our Technology


Connect customer Cash and Portfolio Accounts from different banks, real estate, pensions and other assets with market data to create one holistic view.
Analyze the customer's financial situation to derive their next best action.
Create the right portfolio (stocks, bonds, alternatives, real estate, insurances and many more) depending on the investment intelligence of the bank.

Our Software is built to integrate into our clients Architecture

Application Integration

fincite ventures

With Financial Market Know How, Tech Expertise, and a Startup Mindset, Fincite.Ventures wants to turn today’s challenges into the venture’s opportunities.

If you want to build your startup in the areas of Marketplaces or Asset Management Services, we can provide you with our experience, our network of potential investors and partners, and the technology background to start our journey.

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Do you have a Startup mindset and want to co-create the modern way of digital asset management? We are looking for people with insights into the financial industry, it´s processes and mechanics and with passion for modern technology.

Do you feel addressed?

Then join our team and change the way of financial technology!

Fincite Digital Wealth Management