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Digitize your investment processes - with portfolio analytics & intuitive reporting frontends

Digitize your investment processes - with portfolio analytics & intuitive reporting frontends


Whether it's digital customer on-boarding, online account opening, or automated portfolio optimization,  nowadays many processes are manually no longer thinkable and are gratefully accepted by customers. From the initial skepticism towards digital services - especially when it comes to personal finances - only a few doubts remain among the general public. On the contrary, strong growth rates especially among the so-called neo or mobile banks show that digital investment advice will continue to grow strongly. However, there are still historically grown offline-only processes, especially at established bank asset managers, that make a modern interaction between investment advisors and clients almost impossible. The best example of the investment process is the client reporting including in-depth analyses of the invested client assets.   

In practice, it is not uncommon that the historical performance is manually selected from the internal portfolio management system, transferred to an Excel file, and then converted into a PDF document. As this process is both time-consuming and error-prone, it is unlikely to inspire clients with new investment proposals. 


Digital excitement instead of manual administration 

With the digital portfolio analytics software CIOS.Reporting advisors can transform their investment process 
within just a few days - from manual frustration to digital enthusiasm! 

CIOS offers advisors and clients an intuitive, easy-to-understand and top modern frontend in which all relevant performance and risk data are visually explained.  

This makes it easier for investment advisors to engage with their customers, they get a clear overview of all their customers' investments within a second. In the next step, conversation starters can be triggered in order to learn more about the personal investment preferences of their clients. At this stage, it is possible to add sustainable (ESG compliant) products, identify risks, or exclude certain regions. This way, you can turn an unpopular obligatory event into a modern investment process that will inspire clients and advisors alike, increase transparency and make the entire investment advisory process much more efficient. 


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