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Agile Work: Fincite and ING launch podcast „Changemakers

Agile Work: Fincite and ING launch podcast „Changemakers"

Changemakers - New Podcast about agile work, with helpful tips, expert interviews, and inspiration for a successful working environment

The podcast by ING and Fincite on topics related to agility and new work starts on November 17, 2020. As part of the Handelsblatt's "Managing The New Normal" initiative, a new episode will be released every second Tuesday, exclusively at: https://veranstaltungen.handelsblatt.com/managing-the-new-normal.

Along with guests from various industries, Friedhelm Schmitt (Fincite) and Sandra Hechler (ING) will discuss the current state of agility, give practical examples and share the learnings and challenges. The podcast addresses decision-makers, managers and transformation managers who want to break up existing structures in their companies and implement an agile working method. In the first episodes, Jochen Göser, Bosch GmbH, talks about how agility can be applied in different areas (title of the episode: Agile = Agile), Dr. Thomas Ditzer reports on self-organization at DB Systel (title of the episode: Do it yourself - self-organization at DB Systel), Robert Seeger, Managing Director of Kommunikationskunst, a communications agency founded in 2009, talks about customer focus (title of the episode: Happy Customer, Happy Business? !) and Nadine Zasadzin, ING, reports on leadership from the everyday life of an agile bank (title of the episode: Agile Leadership: Leadership, the endangered species?)


The idea

Schmitt and Hechler got to know each other during a joint project and in view of the public interest regarding agile leadership, the idea for a podcast was born. "During the implementation of our software for international financial service providers, we repeatedly encounter great interest, but at the same time we realize that there is still a high level of uncertainty regarding the topic of agility," says Friedhelm A. Schmitt, co-founder and CEO of the Frankfurt-based software company Fincite and, along with Sandra Hechler, Agile Coach and Innovation Coach of the first agile bank, ING, one of the two moderators of the new podcast format.

"As the first agile bank, we have already been able to report from a large number of successful projects, especially what it means to successfully shape the transformation process of the third largest bank in Germany," says Hechler.

The combination of a successful Fintech company and an established yet innovative financial institution promises exciting discussions and insights. The Changemakers thus build a bridge between the strategic goals and the methodical achievement of these.