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Increasing advisor efficiency with “Alfred”
–the Advisor Software for ABN AMRO

In this case study, our client ABN AMRO shares its experiences about our collaboration and the benefits of our software Fincite.CIOS.

ABN Amro -  Alfred



As the 3rd largest bank in the Netherlands, ABN AMRO has its roots in a long history of mergers and acquisitions that date back to 1765.

ABN AMRO has offices in 15 countries with 32,000 employees, most of whom are based in the Netherlands and 5,000 in other countries. Its operations include a private banking division which focuses on high-net-worth clients in 14 countries as well as commercial and merchant banking operations that play a major role in energy, commodities, and transportation markets as well as brokerage, clearing, and custody. ABN offers its retail, private and corporate banking clients a full range of financial services and advice. By combining banking expertise with up-to-date knowledge of their clients’ industries, the economy and the latest digital trends, they craft creative solutions that suit their business needs.

Our Application: Alfred interactive advisor software for increasing efficiency & client satisfaction

In times when costs per advisor increase and revenues on AuM decrease day by day, digitizing the advice process is a key challenge for most institutions.

Together with our client ABN AMRO, we have created “Alfred”, an advisory software that optimizes ABN AMRO´s investment process. With Alfred, advisors are able to restructure their clients’ portfolios in line with banks’ investment strategies as well as individual client restrictions. For example, the software takes into account buy or sell recommendations originated by ABN AMRO’s research and the client’s individual preference towards a certain ISIN. Within only a few seconds, the portfolio is then being rebalanced automatically, complying with all pre-selected investment restrictions. Advisors are also able to retrieve instant risk and performance metrics on multiple levels based on end-of-day pricing. This enables advisors to take control of their risk information and cut dependencies on other bank departments. Alfred is fully compliant with regulatory requirements, starting with the consideration of the client risk profile and subsequent documentation of the advisory process.

The software is currently being used interactively by around 80 advisors in their daily business together with clients in The Netherlands.

Unsere Anwendung

Alfred at a glance

Alfred is a central application for optimizing portfolios in line with all kinds of client restrictions following the Tactical and Strategic Asset Allocations, as well as investment rules of the bank while providing instant risk data.

  • Automated rebalancing and optimization of the portfolio​
  • Reduction of the effort per advisor from 4 hours to 30 minutes​
  • Increasing compliance by eliminating nearly all investment restriction violations
  • Automated capturing of advisor recommendations for client documentation
  • Multi-level portfolio risk data within seconds

Process flow of our Advisor Software

  • Defining the condition framework 

Set bank rules, target allocations, risk profiles, and choose the investment strategy​​

  • Manage and rebalance

Rebalance portfolios taking all client constraints and bank investment rules into account​

  • Fast and efficient

Cut portfolio rebalancing efforts down to less than 1 second or do a portfolio risk analysis instantly

Prozessablauf unserer Advisor Software
Vorteile unserer Advisor Software

Benefits of our Advisor Software

  • Allowing clients to individualize their own portfolio​

Consideration of client-specific restrictions such as: asset class, region or industry

  • Fast and efficient​

Portfolio construction, rebalancing and transaction generator under 1 second

Retrieve risk information on demand

  • Central management of all investment policies​

General bank rules can be managed centrally for all clients​

Bandwidths for (sub-) asset allocations​

Risk limits for each type of service in one mask​

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Facts & Figures of our cooperation

Target Group

Target Group

Financial Advisors


Calculation & Rebalancing

Rebalancing towards client constraint Rebalancing towards bank TAA and SAA



Performance Indicators and Risk Metrics Asset Information (both CIOS.Analyse) –> Portfolio, Class, Subclass and Instrument Level

Entwicklung und Technologie

Development and Technology

Dedicated agile project team (scrum) Python, Django, Bootstrap



Portfolio Rebalancing, Optimization and Risk Analysis



ABN AMRO, SIX Financial Information

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Nick Joren

“Alfred is the product of a very close and professional collaboration between Fincite & ABN Amro. Combining efficiency, quality and expertise in one platform, Alfred gives our advisors the toolset to handle every need of our (high-end) clients.”

Nick Joren – Product Owner Digital Investments Integration at ABN AMRO Private Banking