Advisor Software

Advisor Software: automated portfolio rebalancing and optimization

How to leverage the revenue per advisors while reducing the total cost of the advice process? The Fincite Advisor Software offers consultants an easy-to-understand process for creating and optimizing individual portfolios as well as generating product and sales recommendations. There are good reasons to act now:

  • Save 10 weeks / year per advisor
  • Individual and automated advice to your clients
  • Increasing regulatory requirements making a manual implementation almost impossible and bearing greater liability and reputation risks
  • Hybrid advice: Supporting consultants with first-class digital tools

Benefits of our Advisor Software

 Construct and rebalance portfolios with highly individual client-based restrictions within your standard consulting process.

Optimization of external depots and 3 in 1 compliance check (Pretrade compliant, portfolio construction according to strategy, investment compliance).

Impress clients and increase your Net Promoter Score by reacting to customers requests in real time.

Generate individual investment proposals efficiently

Our Advisor Software combines ease of use and a smooth process:

  • Configuration

    Configuration of strategies and investment restrictions and definition of data formats (input and output)

  • Data supply

    Export of customer portfolios from the Portfolio Management System

  • Recommendation

    Import to the Advisor Software and generate optimization proposals

  • Realization of proposals

    Providing proposals to the consultant for discussion with the client

Fincite Software Digital Wealth Management
Fincite Software Digital Wealth Management

Calculation of risk values

A sound strategy is fundamental for reaching the individual pension objective. With our financial planning software, you profit from a straightforward procedure:

  • Construction, risk metrics and portfolio construction within one tool
  • Before/after analysis of risk factors and expected returns
  • Real-time and interactive functions

Further benefits of our advisor software


Quick portfolio rebalancing

Reduces the time per advisor from 4 hours to ½ hour for rebalancing a portfolio with investment restrictions


Increased productivity

Time savings of 10 weeks per advisor resulting in freeing time in the value of millions


Reduce risks and violations

Reduction of investment restriction violations and avoidance of potential reputational risks

What our customers say about our investment platform: