Financial Home – Asset 360

Financial Home: Asset 360

Our asset allocation tool provides you with a 360° view of your customer’s entire assets:

  • Connecting cash and securities accounts via FinTS/HBCI/Screen Scraping
  • One central view on customer’s whole wealth – from portfolios to real estate
  • Adding real estate with direct value feedback
  • Integration of further values such as resources, life insurances and pensions
  • Direct recommendations to customer’s wealth

Benefits of our Financial Home / Asset 360:

Holistic 360° overview about your client’s wealth: Aggregation and analysis of investment portfolios

Connection to bank accounts, credit cards and other accounts

Integration and valuation of numerous other assets

Fincite Software Digital Wealth Management

Aggregate your client’s assets

All connections to third-party assets are made available via modern interfaces (REST APIs) or manual input of your clients. Based on the financial home, algorithms and market data are used to generate insights for the client or advisor.

Embed more assets into your clients´ overall financial strategy

Whether real estate, private equity, art, jewellery or other investments – our asset allocation tool takes into account numerous values.

Real estate

Given standard information about the property (size, location etc.) is linked to market data from our partner Sprengnetter. A real time value is being generated.

Private equity

The software analyses the current market value of the investment, based on real-time data we receive from our partners like refinitiv.

Alternatives and others

Find alternative investments for a more diversified portfolio. Art, cryptocurrency, jewelry and other investments are also taken into account.

What our customers say about our investment platform: