Financial Planning

Powerful financial planning software: Tomorrow always in sight

You are looking for a comprehensive software to help your clients with their financial planning? With Fincite’s financial planning software, you benefit from an automated, easy-to-use solution that incorporates the cash accounts into our engine – adapting to the expenses in real time.

  • Identification of the customer’s profile through an interactive dialogue
  • Aggregation of all customers assets to shape the customer profile
  • Identification of personal retirement gap from the expenses as delta from objectives
  • Implementation of dynamic saving strategies based on goals and values
  • Transition into a managed portfolio or insurance product

Close retirement gaps by managing the financial profile in real time:

Connect cash accounts and receive a suggestion for retirement planning based on expenses

Keep accounts and retirement objectives connected and managed

Receive an optimized allocation of investment and fixed income products

Setting a strategy to derive the retirement goal

A sound strategy is fundamental for reaching the individual pension objective. With our financial planning software, you profit from a straightforward procedure:

  • An objective is set based upon the required retirement demand
  • Ongoing track of life expenses and retirement plan
  • Automated account management towards a retirement objective
Fincite Software Digital Wealth Management
Fincite Software Digital Wealth Management

Manage the financial profiles of your clients

  • Identification of the retirement objective and saving capacities
  • Simulation of the target allocation, savings plan and withdrawal plan
  • IDD process is taken over by the customer and saves time for the consultant

Further benefits of our financial planning software


Customer satisfaction

Reach a long-term oriented customer group with a savings plan solution


Fully automated

Offer a completely automated service


Build a stronger brand

Increase your visibility

What our customers say about our digital investment platform: